About us

Fire Theatre "Mahatma" - we will tame the element fire for you!

“Mahatma” fire theater is a teem of people, of personality which are connected with one aim – crating show and performance that have no analogue neither in Ukraine no in the world. We emphasis on enchantment, emotionality and sincerity in our job. Our team consists of circus and theater artistes, choreographers, firework masters, engineer designers and just bright personality. Our aim is to bring our spectator to the fairy tale and give an indescribably delight and feast feeling, using different but mostly visual terms, where the main term is fire..

 In the narrow sense fire is an aggregate of sizzling hot gas and plasma which are released as a result of facts that would be incongruously to describe here. Not everyone is able to tame the fire, it won`t submit to weak and gutless. Fire don’t need cowards. Only the one who overcome fear of fire can tame it. But fire is not the only way of our team. Recently we presented our new neon show “White light” and preparing absolutely new big project.

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